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How to Contribute

This website aims to showcase the many heritage and historical resources gathered during the course of the Ancient Connections programme. It offers an opportunity for interested people to contribute to the gathering of material about north Pembrokeshire and north Wexford. 

If you have an interest in local history, heritage and stories and want to get involved, you can contribute local tales, family legends or half-remembered story snippets. Old photographs, oral history recordings, video and music are also welcome. To contribute to the website, please read the instructions below. 

All contributions will be moderated before being added to the website, so please do bear with us.

1. When you are ready to contribute to this collection, click on the 'Make Your Contribution' button below.

2. Click on the type of contribution you would like to make: this can be a Story, Folk Tale or Memory; a photograph, an oral history recording, a sound recording, a video recording, or a link to a website.

3. Enter your information into the fields. Please enter as much information as you like. If you are not sure of the answer for some of the fields, just leave them blank.

4. If you choose to contribute a photograph, oral history recording, video recording or sound recording, you must upload the relevant file. To do this, click on the 'Choose File' button to select the file from your own device. The maximum file size allowed is 128MB.

5. If your contribution is associated with a place, you can find this location on the map and click on it to link it to that place on the website.

6. When you have entered your information, scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your name and email address (this information will not be made public). Tick the boxes (publish, terms and conditions and I'm not a robot) and then click Contribute.

7. It may take a couple of minutes for the information to upload. There is no ‘save for later’ function so please do enter all the information you would like to contribute in one sitting.

8. Once your submissions are approved (which could take a few days), they will be searchable under “Browse by Exhibit”.

Thank you for contributing to this collection!